Design Approach  

We start by listening to our client, to understand their needs, desires and future requirements. Once we have explored their objectives with them, we combine imagination and experience to craft a design response that meets those needs and invariably exceeds the client’s expectations.

Whatever the project size, context or scope, we approach each challenge with enthusiasm, willingness and excitement. We have no set solutions and no house style.

We believe that sustainable strategies should be considered from the outset of a project. Buildings should produce their own energy and recycle their own waste. Our projects often exceed current legislation for building energy production and codes for sustainability

We adopt a sustainable approach to all aspects of our work, from design, procurement and construction, to office structure and operation. Our designs incorporate sustainable materials, either locally sourced or environmentally friendly to produce.

The practice works within an open collaborative environment that allows us to share ideas and information quickly and efficiently. We apply the same open approach to our clients and creative collaborators.

We are equally efficient in our approach to construction and place particular emphasis on pre fabrication as a means of constructing our spaces. This creates accurate, controlled and beautifully detailed buildings. It also minimises waste and construction time spent on

Mackay + Partners is a Microstation-based office with the flexibility to produce both DGN and DWG formats. We use Autocad, Rhino, 3DMax and work using a variety of formats. We can adapt our IT set-up for the project to promote a seamless collaboration with others in the design team. We have worked extensively with collaboration and procurement software such as BuildOnline and BIW.