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The aim of the Future Skills Hub project is to bring together partners across the borough, employers, Further Education and Higher Education providers and the Department for Work and Pensions to offer services to individuals in an accessible place within the town centre using innovative technology. The immediate need to address the vast and rising unemployment level and a significant displacement of the labour market will be addressed by the Future Skills Hub through a coordinated approach to the brokerage of various services. By helping to link communities, education and skills providers and employers the Hub will play a central role in supporting with the recovery from the current Covid 19 related crisis.

The Future Skills Hub is located at the opposite end of the central atrium from the SIS event space. Although the request has been made for an individual Brand identity to this space, we feel that both spaces bookend the atrium and create an exciting interplay and visual presence for the lift core to both areas. The natural daylight and views from the 5th floor are to exploited. We have made the FSH branded space more colourful and playful as it is interacting with the external world through the seminar/ teaching spaces and the larger numbers of visitors to the Hub.


Budget: Undisclosed
Date completed: Feasibility Pre-Planning

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